Western Machinery ElectricWestern Machinery Electric

Founded in 1988 - Benicia, California

Western Machinery Electric (WME) is a well established and respected company founded in 1988, entering the marketplace by providing service and product support for a wide range of entities, public and private, that require on-site power generation for emergency, critical reliability or energy efficiency. We continue our mission through the development of services and products that expand the Company’s presence into cutting edge areas of energy & control technology that benefit buildings and energy infrastructure.  We service all industries with the need for on-site generation and energy improvements to include: Public – Local, state and federal government, fire & police. Utility – water, waste water and electrical distribution. Telecommunications – cable, phone, internet, industrial and commercial buildings for public and private sectors.  Large residential homes with high energy use and a need to reduce costs and simplify automation.

WME and our alliance partners combine to deliver unsurpassed value.

We offer solutions to upgrade energy efficiency by improving or adding infrastructure that meets goals of reducing energy use, carbon emissions and reliance on traditional utilities while increasing asset value, cash flow and well being for the environment and the general business environment.

Western Machinery Electric is a CA licensed contractor and certified building auditor firm.

Our services include:

  • Energy infrastructure audits, tenant improvements, new installations
  • Distribution of power systems and electrical distribution products to include: Combined Heat & Power (CHP), energy storage, back-up and renewable energy sources, building & home automation and energy management
  • Maintenance for onsite power systems including prime movers and electrical distribution
  • Design, engineering, permitting & development for WME projects
  • Turn-key procurement, construction and project management


This allows your company to increase cash flow and keep your business operating smoothly.