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Governments – local, state and federal, share and promote public interest to reduce energy waste. There are a multitude of incentives and credits to upgrade buildings for energy efficient systems. WME and our alliance partners are experts in this landscape.

California is leading the charge to Zero Net Energy (ZNE). A ZNE building produces as much energy on-site as it consumes on an annual basis.  The recent changes to Title 24 put in place ambitious performance goals: All residential buildings must be (ZNE) by 2020, and all commercial buildings must follow suit by 2030. Retrofit projects also have requirements driving buildings to ZNE if projects pass certain thresholds.

WME helps you navigate your way through retrofit threshold requirements and ZNE. We partner with you to lay out a road map aligning your current economics, equipment and facilities with the best approach to ZNE. We provide complete certified building audits or can take energy measurements to baseline and benchmark your facilities energy use.

This process provides metrics that highlight Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) prioritizing with the best technologies or upgrades that are layered by MIRR, your current replacement schedule, equipment life cycles, regulatory requirements and available incentives.  This road map will provide the plan you need to move forward step by step.

We provide:

  • Professional building audits that meet ASHRAE guidelines, including all major energy uses: HVAC, lighting, site specific loads, and water
  • Electrical and thermal use measurement for audits or site specific goals
  • Load analysis to indentify the proper size emergency generation or energy equipment size
  • Thermal analysis for electrical distribution
  • Life cycle evaluation of existing electrical equipment
  • Turn key – design, permit, build and maintenance support for energy assets


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