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Project Description

Sutro Tower, San Francisco

Sutro Tower is the essential communication facility in San Francisco hosting transmission facilities for the Bay Area’s most significant television, radio and public safety organizations.  Standby power is a critical need.  One of the 7 on site generators required replacement.

A new Generac 1.25mW system was selected as a Western Machinery Electric option for modified response to a 3rd party engineered project (specified for 1mW) specification.  This allowed maximum power density within the available space allowing for future customer emergency power by including the capacity in the new electrical gear to provide for potential future expansion with the larger Generator.

According to Eric Dausman, VP and COO for Sutro Tower, Inc:

“It is always a successful project when it comes in on-time and on-budget.  When our clients are happy, we are happy.  Western Machinery Electric did a great job.”