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Project Description

Yanmar Demonstration Project, Los Gatos Mountains

Paul Wilkinson maintains his residence and business operations “Automation and Entertainment” on a large property in the Los Gatos hills.  He acquired and ran a custom built Cogeneration system by Western Machinery Electric (WME) which operated for 12 years and came to WME to assist with the next solution to replace the system that tragically burnt up in a fire.

After much evaluation the Yanmar CHP was selected as the most robust and life cycle proficient energy solution.

This site with business operations in a separate building and sophisticated entertainment and computer systems requires the best reliability and isolation of power sources.  The site also desires the best energy technologies and the ability to control and orchestrate those technologies operating for the best efficiency and or mission critical task. Another achievement is the same selection and orchestration for energy efficient heat inputs through a custom manifold array.

For the electrical site two DC buss loops with battery capacity clamped on are implemented.  One loop is the business and mission critical loads the other is a common grid for house and not critical loads.  The mission critical loads are all isolated with isolation transformer from other loads.  The house electronic loads are also isolated similarly to protect from the sensitive electrical components from unwanted harmonics.

The Cogeneration system, solar and hydro all input DC power to the grid and the system is inverted to the isolated AC distribution.  Batteries are utilized that can provide back up and high demand capacity. The system controls orchestrate the best technology for the load situation and charges the battery system as required. The utility now merely relegated the back up only provides minimal power if at all. The electrical power is generated from efficient green sources and prioritized achieving best of class technology and energy optimization for a similar site on the planet.

The mechanical side uses hot water from solar, CHP and traditional boiler sources. Hot water is stored and distributed as well as generated in peak and low demand periods prioritized by the controls to optimize the system. The therms flow to the domestic hot water used for radiant heating, showering, hot water uses as well as the pool and hot tub.

This system creates energy independence and the best of all worlds energy stewardship and savings a true win-win for the environment and the owner.  The site has the ability to integrate new technologies as they develop such an electric vehicle as an input to add capacity to the DC grid or to take advantage of clean energy generation on site for charging.   This is the future on display!